The Ballroom

Perfect for: Concerts, Fundraisers, Live Events

The Ridgewood Ballroom

The Ridgewood Ballroom refers to the traditional concert hall area of Mulcahy's with the dividing wall closed. For larger concerts and holiday nights, the wall may be open to incorporate the JD Room into this space (either as additional seating or standing room) making it a 'full venue' event.

Our most famous room houses the main stage and three island bars, state of the art sound system, multiple screens and jumbo video wall. Perfect for larger events up to 1000 people, the space hosts various annual fundraisers, expos, corporate meetings and conferences, awards ceremonies, and even some sporting events - boxing rings and MMA cages are often featured. We are a versatile venue and always open to new ideas. The Ridgewood Ballroom and the fundraiser packages have a minimum requirement of 100 people.