VIP + Semi-Private

A Party Within a Party

By 'VIP + Semi Private' we are referring to the parties and gatherings that happen within and during our concerts. They are semi-private in that you have your own designated space within a public setting.

Whereas a fully-private party can be held completely separate from a public event (including bathrooms and staff), and during times that we would otherwise be closed, a semi-private party is booked in alignment with a show.

This can range from an intimate VIP table for four guests, to a roped off area for 70+ guests. We have tables of all shapes and sizes, and customize the floor plan based on reservations. If you're a big group, you're at the right place!

Groups of 10+ should check out our Wristband Package page. Maximum is only limited by available space, and semi-private groups exceeding 40 may be eligible to upgrade to a Catering Package, which offers a wider selection of passed apps.

Where will my table area be? Find out here