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Most of our concerts offer some type of VIP seating. Pricing and availability vary show to show based on the artist and floor plan. For example: it's rare for a national act to have VIP, as extra space is required for general admission and production equipment. Some concerts may only utilize one side of the room, where another could be full venue with triple the amount of tables. Some nights there could be bottle service available, other nights there could be an open bar wristband package.

To ensure our VIP patrons are properly informed - we take these bookings exclusively by phone at 516-783-7500. All major credit cards are accepted, and VIP usually always includes admission - so no need to buy tickets separately. Be warned: VIP often fills up ahead of show day - and many times show week - so it's best to call in advance. Floor plan and table allocations are determined by the order in which reservations were placed.. if you have a preferred spot/table - plan ahead!

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VIP Seating FAQs

"Can you give me an idea of typical VIP Pricing" Of course! the price is per head (ranging from $40 - $75+) and includes: concert tickets, guaranteed table, seating, and elevated stage view, skip the line at the door, full waitress service, complimentary coat check, no time limit, no minimum. VIP guests are also permitted to bring cake and decorations - as long as they do not obscure anyone else's view.

"I'm coming to the show but I'm on the fence about VIP" No worries! If tables do not sell out and you find yourself wanting to upgrade, feel free to inquire with our front door staff when you get here.

"Is there a guest minimum/maximum?" Four people is the minimum, and we can easily go to 40 and beyond if you book early enough! If you are a group of 3 people or less, you are still welcome to book at the four person price - OR - we will put you on the waitlist.. if we still have space by the week of, we will lower the requirement and give you a call back (...promise)

"I need a seat for medical reasons" we've got you! Muls is primarily a standing room venue, but we do not expect you to pay the VIP price due to medical reasons. Our front door staff will always accommodate where necessary. If you're coming to one of our bigger concerts or sold out shows, we kindly ask that you contact us in advance and arrive closer to door time if possible. If we know to expect you, that enables us to get you situated and comfortable as quickly as possible.

"Is it worth it?" This is a fair question, especially if you've never been here before - so let's get into it: if you're a group that values seating and waitress service, VIP tables are 100% the way to go. Is it great to have a home base away from the crowd with an elevated view? obviously yes -- but if you're just as content with hitting the dance floor or posting up at the bar (we've got four in the concert area), then you might consider GA the better deal! All we know for sure is that it's subjective, and that we want you to leave here with the best experience possible.

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