The Living Room

Perfect for: private parties of 40-60 guests

The George Francis Living Room

"I had no idea this was up here" - yet another person discovering the GF Room.

Tucked away on the second floor of Muls (elevator accessible), this hidden gem holds 40-60 guests. Recently renovated, enjoy your own private bar and bathrooms, Spotify sound system, and TV for slideshows or cable viewing. Bring your vision to life: we have a number of lighting settings and a variety of tables to choose from - whether it's a fully seated bridal shower brunch or a birthday with maximum dancefloor space - we've seen it transformed every which way. As with the JD Room, the Mulcahy's built-in after party sets this place apart from the rest - catering guests get complimentary admission to that night's show. If you've still got more to give after your three-hour open bar, head on downstairs and continue the fun at a concert! Minimum guest requirement: 40 people.

For reference: The GF Room is attached to the mezzanine (aka The Heineken Green Room) that looks out onto the JD Room and concert area. The mezz is included as part of the GF Room - we've found that most clients like to allocate it as their food and buffet area.

During national acts, this room is usually utilized as the artist green room.